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 1937 - 2015

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“I have a lifelong love of comic strips. I work on them between bouts of painting; a sort of recreation. Their common thread, if there is one, is that they are all quite silly.

 I feel we all need more of that.  “

  I draw and paint every day and have done for a very long time. I try to paint something that    no-one (including me) has ever quite seen before and  that tries to be beautiful.”

Gratuitous Violence illustration of sleeping beast in woodland Link to Frogworm site Picture Galleries

You’ll notice the influence of

Roy Wilson,   Kim Deitch,  

Robert Crumb and S.Clay Wilson, to whom I dedicate my Gratuitous Violence  series.

Illustrations for “The Flying Machine” were done many years ago. The story (click above) was recently put together by        Electric Fork Films

EF have also made a narrated video version of  “Barney’s Travels” (click below)

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Comics, Illustrations, Pictures

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“I worked in the 70’s and 80’s as a freelance Graphic Designer. Much of this work was in the music industry. Clients ranged from Mötorhead to Paul McCartney and Stomu Yamashta’s Red Buddha Theatre. My designs included murals, posters and logos as well as commercial and domestic interiors and furniture.

Later work with musicians included designs and logos for bands in which I’ve been personally involved.”